Johann Lafer

Johann Lafer
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After years of apprenticing in some of the best culinary establishments of France and Germany, the Austrian chef, Johann Lafer married chef Silvia Buchholz and together, ran the Le Val d’Or restaurant. In 1994, they purchased the Château Stromberg and turned it into one of the most desirable gastronomic destinations in Deutschland.

Johann Lafer was born in Graz, Styria in Austria, on September 27, 1957. Even as a child, he was already fond of cooking as much as he was fond of playing football with other children. He grew up in the family farm in Steiermark and most of the ingredients that his family used for cooking came from their very own farm. This is why, early on, it was instilled in him to have great respect for food and its origins. As a result, chef Lafer’s guiding principle for his cuisine focuses on the quality of products, preparing the ingredients with great care, and using natural individual creativity.

After training to become a chef in Graz, he decided to go to Germany to expand his techniques and knowledge. He worked in Berlin then in Hamburg with Josef Viehauser at Le Canard. He also worked with Dieter and Jörg Müller and with Eckart Witzigmann, the experience of which bore a great impression on his culinary style and philosophy. He then went to Paris to learn patisserie with Gaston Lenotre and applied as an executive chef at Le Val d’Or restaurant, working alongside chef Silvia Buchholz, who he later married.

For 11 years, Johann Lafer worked as an executive chef and later owner of Le Val d’Or in Guldental together with his wife. When the Stromburg Castle in the neighboring Stromberg came up for sale, Johann and his wife did not hesitate for long to purchase the spectacular property. After a comprehensive renovation and conversion, they opened Johann Lafers Stromburg at the end of 1994.

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