Chez Bruno, Toulon, France

Chez Bruno, Toulon, France
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Chez Bruno is the only restaurant you need to go to if you are a lover of truffles. You will consume more truffles at Chez Bruno for a three-hour lunch than the amount you are likely to consume otherwise in different restaurants for the rest of your life. Located in the city of Lorgues in Provence, Chez Bruno is a favorite hangout of some of the most renowned chefs in France like Troisgros, Bocuse, Ducasse, Loiseau, and Verge. Famous for its playful and simple menu that is centered on the subterranean fungus, Chez Bruno offers a rare and special dining experience.

At Chez Bruno, the truffle is the centerpiece of many dishes. Instead of using minute quantities of the precious fungus and treating it as a garnish like most restaurants do, Chef Clement Bruno often creates dishes around whole truffles, found locally. Truffle slices are heaped on the plate and the other ingredients are only accents instead of the other way around.

Known as the “king of truffles” among his peers and the culinary world, Chef Clement Bruno uses over a thousand kilograms of truffles every year. Chef Bruno opened Chez Bruno in honor of his grandmother, Mariette, who taught him how to cook in the traditional Provencal-style and instilled in him a passion for truffles, shaping his culinary philosophy as a little boy.

In the restaurant is a prix fixe menu where guests can choose among various truffle species including the while Alba truffle (Tuber borchi), the French winter truffle (Tuber brumale), or the classic French black truffle (Tuber melanosporum). While the truffles are the star of his restaurant, Chef Bruno also gives emphasis to local and fresh produce and is widely acclaimed in all of France for his innovative menu and excellent service with an ambiance that is warm, graceful, simple and friendly.