Stromburg, Stromberg, Germany

Stromburg, Stromberg, Germany
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Along the riverbanks of Rhine and in the midst of the Rheinland forest, sits the ancient fortified castle of Stromburg turned luxury hotel and restaurant. Husband and wife team Sylvia and Johann Lafer, both celebrated chefs, turned the ancient premises into a place of warm luxury and a respected gastronomic destination. To get the castle, guests pass by a 15-minute scenic drive through the Bingen forest. The interiors of the castle are rooted in tradition but provide all the luxurious comforts of a modern hotel. The restaurant serves one of the finest cuisines in the region and is well acclaimed throughout Europe.

A household name in Germany, Chef Johann Lafer pioneered cooking shows in Germany and most of his shows are filmed and produced in the castle. He is frequently shown on German television and is one of the country’s first celebrity chefs. His philosophy revolves around the use of high quality, fresh produce, and noble ingredients with origins that can be traced from production to the very moment it gets to his kitchen. Chef Lafer draws inspiration from tradition and the countryside and is influence by French, Italian, Mediterranean, and Asian cooking. Typically, the product itself is what gets Chef Laher’s imagination going. He believes that besides the flavor and the texture, the terroir itself is what makes the product unique and from there, one can take a journey of the senses.

Some of his specialties include Larded liver served on a rosette of caramelized apples, Roe buck fillet cooked in Indes-verbana vapour, Stuffed mushrooms with bilberries and glazed chestnuts, and the famous Tête de nêgre.

The convergence of tradition and history, the fortified castles, the vineyards, all make of the Rhine banks such a wonderful region. Nowadays, it is The German Embassy in Paris, which appeals to Chef Johann Lafer and calls upon his services to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Berlin Wall Fall.