Asparagous rissolee with truffle puree

Asparagous rissolee with truffle puree
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The contrast of black and white evokes elegance especially on the plate. White asparagus on a bed of white celery puree with specks of black truffles and a spattering of green garnish make this an exceptionally classy dish, an ode to minimalism and simplicity. Another classic masterpiece by Chef Luc Huvsentruvt, Sautéed asparagus on a bed of creamy celery and truffle sauce garnished with Chinese truffles and sea-fennel is a light and ethereal appetizer that goes exceptionally well with a glass of Sancerre rose.

White asparagus has a beautiful ivory color with a more delicate taste and tender texture when cooked than its green counterpart. Raw, however, it has a tougher and bitterer peel which has to be removed before it is cooked. To clean them, you need to snap or trim about half an inch of their ends and with a vegetable peeler, remove the thin skin running through the length of the spear. Lay them on a worktable when peeling since they are brittle and can easily snap if peeled in midair. White Asparagus from France are known to be the sweetest and have the most flavor but the ones from South America and Netherlands are also of superior quality.

This recipe makes use of summer truffles, which is more affordable than the black ones and has a lighter but distinctly earthy flavor. It is used to enhance the flavor and give depth to the celery puree. Chinese truffles, which have a mild flavor and are a fraction of the cost of French truffles, are also used to garnish the asparagus. They are sliced into very thin strips to make a dramatic presentation when heaped on the sautéed asparagus like a tiny bird’s nest.

Finally, shredded sea-fennel, also known as Samphire, is sprinkled around the dish for a bright green contrast that pleases the eyes. A smooth and succulent herb that grows freely on rocks by the seashore, Samphire has a powerful aroma with a sea-salty and fennel-like taste that goes well with asparagus.

30 min
30 min
Recommended Wine
Sancerre rose
  • 12 white asparagus spears
  • 8 cups water
  • salt
  • pepper
  • nutmeg
  • ½ celeriac
  • 1 large potato
  • 1 ¾ tablespoons butter
  • 2 Chinese truffles
  • 2 potatoes
  • angel hair
  • 1 teaspoon passe-pierres (samphire)


Cut the celeriac or celery into small pieces and puree using a food processor. Place in a saucepan and add cream to make it more liquid. Place the pan on low heat and stir. Add shredded summer truffles to give it a slightly Perigord flavor.


Meanwhile, lightly fry the peeled asparagus in some olive oil to give them a little color and make them look more attractive. Flip over asparagus spears when they take on a slightly golden hue. Place the asparagus on a paper towel to absorb oil.


Dress the plate with the celery truffle sauce, making a small bed in the middle. Place the cooked asparagus spears on top of the bed. Garnish with finely sliced Chinese Truffles. Finally, decorate the plate with chopped sea-fennel, sprinkling around the celery bed and asparagus.

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Reviews (4)
This is so fantastic recipe. I do really love mushrooms. What I like most in this recipe, is the nutrition contained in this dish. I made a sauce that will make it thick.
, March 14, 2012
This is such a hearty and easy dish that is worth sharing. All my friends that attended my birthday celebration were amazed that I did such a wonderful dish in less an hour! They really loved it so much that they had a second helping. The puree was really great and it gave off that pungent and creamy finish that delights the palate. Really a must have to daily menus!
, March 9, 2012
The dish is very enticing. The taste is luscious that's very distinct from other dishes. The only requirement for this recipe is a fresh asparagus lest the taste could be acrid. The combination of the two main ingredients is beyond compare.
, March 3, 2012
Louisa P.
I never knew rissole can be made with Asparagus. I tried making it right after I found this recipe, and loved the result. It didn’t only taste good but it is also very hearty.
, February 29, 2012